Friday, August 05, 2005

Isn't it ironic?

August 2. A busy day at Work in the midst of a busy time on Church Play Project. A Meeting is scheduled to discuss the Script and Songs after Work.

Decide to be Nice, a Rare but Fine Quality to have.

Decide to treat often mistreated friend (who, frankly, is quite deliberately nasty to me, too, but we understand each other) to birthday dinner during administrative meeting. Decide not to mention it until actually sit down for dinner. Initiate change of venue because do not like fast food and buying someone over 8 fast food as a birthday treat should be banned, anyway.

Friend arrives. I order food. He orders only drink. I ask, "Don't you want to eat?"

"I'm fasting."

This, along with other Moments, proves that Alanis Morrisette has not cornered the market on Irony.

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