Thursday, June 28, 2007

A bizarre conversation

The following is true. Even the wildest flights of my imagination cannot have come up with what happened to me this morning. Names of individuals and organisations have been suppressed in the interests of privacy and legal protection. I hope you have a good laugh. I've already done all the crying.

I needed to phone Miss X, a former classmate who now works for my client.

I dialled her mobile number, and the following ensued.

Me [thinking]: Hmm, the last time I phoned her (which was way back... last week), her ring tone was 'Let There Be Love'. Now it's some Chinese song. Catchy, though. Maybe she felt like a change.

"Hello?" It's a man. It's a... man? All right, I can live with a man picking up a lady's phone.

"Hi, may I speak to X please?"

"I'm sorry, she's not in the office today."

Office? Didn't I dial her mobile? [Quickly check desk phone display] Yes, I did.

"Oh." [Frantic thinking.] "And... she left her phone with you?"


"Her mobile. I dialled her mobile and got through to you. So she left her phone with you in the office?"

"No. I'm the finance manager."

By now, I'm well over the sheer strangeness of this conversation. I'm enjoying the departure from ordinary phone conversations so much, if it were a show I'd have bought front-row tickets.

"All right. I'm trying to get in touch with X over the booklet my magazine is doing with her client for August. May I know how I can reach her?"

"I'll transfer you to Y. Y should be able to talk to you about this."

"No, really, I've been dealing with X directly regarding this booklet and I'd rather speak to her in person. May I know how to reach her?"

"No, no, she's attending a conference all day. I'll transfer you to Y. You can talk to Y."

"OK, thanks."

I hear mumbling and murmuring in the background of the "Who is it?" "Regarding what?" "Call from where?" sort. Another male voice comes on.


"Hi, is this Y?"

"Yeah, speaking. Who are you?"

Well. Hello. "I'm calling from [magazine name]. I've been trying to get in touch with XX [I include the surname for greater credibility, because by now I realise this is getting really bizarre] regarding the B mobile phone booklet you're doing with us. I understand I can talk to you about it?"

"Yeah, yeah. So what is it you want to know?"

"X has approved the whole booklet and we're about to send it to print. We just noticed that while your logo on the front cover is blue, the one on the back cover is white. I'd like to check if this is really what you want, or you'd prefer that we change the back logo to blue."

"What logo is it?"

"[Mobile phone brand]."

"What's that in blue?"

"Your logo."

"What logo?"

"[Mobile phone brand]. We were given a specific CMYK colour to use."

"Oh, I see, OK, OK. I can send our logo to you, no problem."

"It's all right. We have your logo. Just let me know if you want it in your signature blue or white for the back cover."

"What blue is that?"

"The blue you provided."

"Actually what has X approved?"

"The booklet. The [mobile phone brand] booklet you're doing in collaboration with [magazine name]."

"For [health supplement megastore]?"

By now, I am utterly lost for words. This is autopilot in the truest sense of the word.

"[With as little exasperation as I can manage] No! For [mobile phone brand]."

"Oh. Actually I don't know what this is about. We are not [mobile phone brand]. We're not doing any booklet."

I have Reached My Limit.

"May I clarify that I have been trying to get in touch with Ms X, I dialled her mobile number, got through to your colleague, mentioned [mobile phone brand] and [magazine title], was assured that you would be able to help me, was transferred to you..."

"Yes, yes."

"... and you aren't even at the right company?"

"Yeah. I think you have the wrong number. We are not doing any booklet with your magazine."


Friday, June 08, 2007

You make my heart go...

Love, you make me dance
I may look like a fool
But with you, I'm a king

Love, you make me sing
I may sound like a toad
But with you, I'm on wing

Love, you make me laugh
And love, you make me cry
Because you make me live.

This is especially for Keon and Khai Veun. I am SO HAPPY for you, my dear cousin and future cousin-in-law! I'm enjoying every moment I get to share your journey with you. Love you both!

Oh. Just for the record, both Bu Keon and Khai Veun can sing and dance well. The poem is for you two, it's not meant to be by you two. Thought I should clear that up before I'm accused of defaming you on my blog.

Image from Stock.Xchnge

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Always with me

Image from Stock.Xchng. If you're the photographer who captured this image, please leave a comment with your details so I can credit you.

You alone are my hiding place
You alone are my song and my strength
Permit me to come and worship
With my offering of thanks

You are witness to the depths of my heart
And your love is never far from my soul
In every loss, in every defeat
I know you are always with me.

A rather direct translation of one of my favourite songs.

Because there's simply no one else.

Original Bahasa Indonesia lyrics:

S'lalu Bersamaku
Words and music: Sydney Mohede
Performed by

Hanya Kau tempat ku berlindung
Hanya Engkau laguku dan kekuatanku
Ijinkanlah ku datang menyembah
Membawa syukurku

Sedalamnya hatiku Kau pun tahu
Dan kasihMu tak jauh dalam jiwaku
Di dalam kesesakan
Di dalam kemenangan
Ku tahu Engkau s'lalu bersamaku

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Jilly Pepper at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, April 2007

Sometimes, this is how I feel.

I know I'm waiting.

It's a longer wait than I'd prefer.

I'm going home.


But first, there's that suffocating plane ride with the bad food, difficult people and backache-inducing chairs.

Life. I'm on my way home, but sometimes it seems I'll be stuck in the waiting lounge forever. Waiting to do those bigger things I've been promised. Not wanting to dwell on past enjoyments and achievements, and continually looking ahead to the bounty that I know awaits me there.

And in the meantime, trying to make the most of the fact that this is where I am for now.
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