Thursday, August 11, 2005

Imaginary warehouse found!

PETALING JAYA, August 10--A group of youths was stunned to find an imaginary warehouse while on their way home from school.

They had been walking their usual route when suddenly, in witness See-inn Ting's words, "All of us felt our eyes becoming very sore, as if sand was being blown into them. When we opened our eyes, there was this huge building in front of us where the coffee shop used to be!"

Curious, the group stepped into the building, which appeared to be a large warehouse for "all sorts of junk", as Ting's classmate E Magenary reported. "One corner had a strange assortment of creatures I've never seen before. Most of them were short and kind of cute, and they looked a little agitated. I think I heard one of them yell, "It's not our fault you grew up!"

In a room upstairs, the group stumbled upon literally a junk-heap of alarm clocks, all of which were ostentatiously silent despite their alarm switches being on and hour hands covering the alarm hands.

Glancing through a picture window, Ting was surprised to see that what should have been a quiet neighbourhood road with little traffic was now packed with vehicles and the sounds of angry voices and much honking. Pushing a button that said " REALITY CHECK", she found that the view returned to normal for a few seconds before reverting to the madness and cacophony of rush-hour traffic.

Running up the stairs to join his friends, Ahmad Khayal tripped over a cardboard box which then tumbled down the stairs and spilled its contents onto the floor. On closer inspection, these turned out to be a huge jumble of letters and greeting cards, sealed, stamped and addressed, but not postmarked.

Magenary, known among schoolmates as "Ulat Buku", cautiously pushed open a door to find what she thought at first was "paradise!": wall-to-wall stacks of books and magazines. She wasted no time in browsing them, only to find with disappointment that most of the books were trashy romance novels that said "over 1 million in print" on the cover. The magazines were no more appealing, most of them being dry financial titles and sub-standard free street corner publications.

Before the youths could further explore the place, the same itching, burning sensation hit their eyes, and they found themselves back where they'd been before. The warehouse was nowhere to be seen.

Investigations are underway.

Watch this space for tomorrow's special report on the Imaginary Warehouse!

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