Sunday, July 31, 2005

Do, done

I had another moment of divine inspiration yesterday when, having been briefed by Jayne about what changes to make to this year's musical script, I set to write an additional song. I was absolutely bone-dry and would probably have found it difficult to come up with lyrics on par with Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Finally, having given myself the "Stop snivelling, it's not about you and your little illusions of inadequacy and low self-esteem" pep talk, I found the lyrics tumbling out in a rush, and in about 2 minutes had most of the song down.

Guess it's another lesson for me in letting go of my fears of failure and just digging into the task, knowing that it's the doing that brings results, not the idle waiting. (What did I expect, for two pages of laser-printed A4 to drop out of my expeller fan vent into my waiting hands?)

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