About me

I was born in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

I moved to Sydney, Australia in January 2008 and then, in June 2011, across the country to Perth. It's nice to have a little more stability in my life.

Having said that, living with uncertainty doesn't bother me as much as the paralysis and general refusal to engage fully with life that sometimes results from that uncertainty.

I like chocolate, cats, books and beautiful things. Which isn't to say I don't like dogs. I don't understand why most people assume that liking cats and liking dogs are mutually exclusive. It's only that cats are a whisker ahead in my heart, and they alliterate with "chocolate".

I love life in all of its moods, whether it's side-splittingly funny, beautifully satisfying or heartbreakingly painful.

I dance when I'm happy, because I can't help it. I dance when I'm not happy, because I need to.

In the process of making a living, I have worn many hats and many labels, and I'm not sure if any of them has helped me to live.

I'm hoping that will change now that I'm in a job that, for the first time in my life, allows my passions, values, interests and talents to converge. In the old days I tended to have to leave two or three of them at home when I set off for work.

I'm a counsellor. That's what I do. I love people and want to give my best to helping them be at their best, whether I get paid for it or not. That's who I am.

Writing is one of the things I do best, but I'm often silenced by the inadequacy of words.

That's what leads me to explore drawing, photography, film, music, sewing and sculpture. Anything that will help me to express what falls through the limitations of language.

I believe in true love, against a lifetime of evidence to the contrary.

I can do a killing impression of Yoda but if you want to see it, meet me in person and ask nicely you'll first have to.

I think you only benefit from travelling to new places when you've learnt to appreciate beauty in the place where you live.

(I abhor package tours. I am a long-meandering-walks-and-public-transport-with-my-dinky-point-and-shoot-and-a-small-stuffed-animal kind of girl.)

I'm not as interested in how much money a man brings home as I am in how he gets it and what he does with it.

I'd rather be alone than in the wrong relationship with the wrong person.

I'd rather be in the right relationship with the right person than alone.

Right persons, from my observation, can take a while to appear.

I'm still waiting for him.

Waiting doesn't have to be boring, idle and empty. There'll be some stories for him when he does come along.

I've always had a sweet tooth. When I was 26, I started fasting periodically from all refined sugars for seven- to 100-day durations. Whenever I start eating sugar again after a fast, I get headaches and feel dizzy and nauseated. But I eat the brownie/pie/mousse anyway. We humans can be dumb that way.

Celebrity doesn't mean a thing to me. I don't care how famous you are; I just want to know that you're the same person at home as you are at work or anywhere else.
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