Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Finished isn't completed

"Master, I've finished the task."

Surprised beam. "Have you really! Just on time. Let's have a look."

Pats the gravelly rock next to him. Apprentice hops up and sits next to the Master.

"Mm hmm. Hmm. Yes, and I see you've added flourishes of your own. Everything's in order. Good job. Thank you, you may go. Your new instructions will be on your desk when you get back."

Indignant splutter. "But Master, is that all? No star stickers? No colourful 'Well done!' stamps with smileys on them [I like the ones with noses the best]? Aren't you even going to read every word?"

"I know what I have required you to do, and you've done it. That is enough. Now, isn't it time you set off back? You haven't found out your new task yet. Besides, I'm sending another apprentice out to continue working on this."

"On my work? You're letting somebody else continue my task? I sweated blood over that thing! Why can't I be the one to finish it? I completed every line of your instructions!"

tearful apprentice rages on.

The Master replies.

"Every line, yes, but I only gave you one page."

Riffles thick volume bearing Master copy of life instructions, creating dramatic whirlwind that plucks adjective-laden apprentice off the rock and puts her safely back on red-slippered feet in Kansas.

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