Saturday, January 09, 2010

What would you die for?

Please. Humour me and give it some thought.

What would you die for?

It's easy to toss off an answer just because it's the "right", socially responsible one. You know, things such as "someone I love" or "justice" or "world peace".

If I were you, I'd go for that last one very sparingly unless in the running for a beauty pageant while working as an undercover agent.

Even easier to do the classic deflect-with-humour manoeuvre and say "shoes". Although, actually, I think that may not be a joke to some.

Why the need to answer this question, you might wonder.

Because, as MercyMe puts it...

"My life has never been this clear
Now I know the reason why I'm here
You never know why you're alive
Until you know what you would die for." ('I Would Die For You')

It took years of living for the wrong answer, becoming completely depleted as a result.

But finally, I can say I know. And so I know. And I pray that every moment of my life would attest to that knowing.

What would you die for?

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