Friday, January 29, 2010

Two years!

While I was driving home from uni this afternoon -- perhaps the last time I will have driven to this home from that uni -- I realised that my good friend and partner in irreverent church humour, Sze See's birthday was yesterday.

And that makes it exactly two years to the day since I arrived in Sydney to get to work on that Master's.

Oh, the things that have transpired in these two years. They would fill a book. In fact, they've filled a dozen or so.

I've shifted house four (and a half) times.

Survived landladies of every stripe: passive-aggressive, needy-demanding, perky-generous-given-to-watching-Korean-drama-serials-until-dawn.

Worked hard, played harder, laughed, wept, grown, and got closer to understanding the answer to life, the universe and everything. Hint: It isn't 42.

Nearly swallowed a spider, and discovered later that some people have been sick for years after having been bitten by spiders of same species.

Had two concussions, one injury that required stitching, several months of depression, one major dispute with my university, and one nearly fatal run-in with a toy dog. (Nearly fatal for him, not me.)

Walked alongside almost 40 wonderful and courageous clients who had the guts not only to come to therapy in the first place, but to place their trust in someone as green as me.

Pole-danced, walked the beach at dawn, got locked in a cemetery.

Appeared in a short film, part of which involved slow-dancing in the moonlight in 16-degree weather and having to act as though it were a warm spring evening.

Yes, it's been huge. I can't wait to see what fills the next 12 books.

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