Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When in the city...

This city, at any rate...

... you might want to wander on down to David Jones to look at their animated festive store windows.

Some of the figures are looking a little frazzled. RSI, perhaps, from doing the same limited gesture several times a minute, all the live long day?

But still, they're nice enough to look at while wishing that one's two-year-old nephew were conveniently in town so that one could take him (and the whole family, yes adults too, no I haven't forgotten that I also have adult family members) out to enjoy the sights. Fortunately, although I do miss him more than I can express, I don't need to have a token Small Person with me in order to enjoy something childish in public. Considering that up to a couple of months ago I officially Hated Christmas and would have walked away from any sign of decorations and festive music, it's a miracle that yesterday saw me happily snapping away.

Lion royalty and out-of-scale jungle animals apparently celebrating that "the Lord is come" in the 'Joy to the World' window.

Starfish trio accompanying 'I Saw Three Ships'. I love their teensy weensy score that was probably all of 3cm tall.

Detail of pig guests, penguin waiter and cat fiddler from 'Good King Wenceslas'.

I have many more pictures and a couple of videos, but given the way Blogger has been behaving today, I don't think it deserves for me to spend any more time with it.

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