Friday, December 04, 2009

Love that hair (no cut)

I have been hearing this one statement a lot lately. By a lot, I mean almost everyone I meet, even people I only just met a couple of days before.

"Love that haircut!"

Which is funny, because I haven't had a haircut. Not since April, anyway, when I was back in KL for all of 20 days... actually, that's not true. It wasn't all of 20 days, because two of those days were spent in Singapore, and with the nine hours of travel time that trip involved, it brings my total time in KL down to about 17 days.

When you know that time is limited, you account for every minute like a miser counting pennies. In any case, my hair has not been cut in a good while.

And it's funny, because for weeks I have been toying with the idea of having it cut. Now it seems I've somehow arrived at the desired result without having to go through the not-so-desired process. I especially do not enjoy the part where I hand over my hard-won money while wondering whether my instructions ("trim an inch off the ends") were too complicated.

So no, I haven't had my hair cut... but thanks for the compliments. My "hairdresser" does a great job, with everything in my life. Hair is just the crowning point.

And off I run before you grab a tomato to sling at me for attempting a bad pun ending.

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