Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I met a new client for the first time the other day.

"You're the one who phoned to make the appointment?" she exclaimed. "On the phone, I had this impression of you as English and blonde."

I didn't know whether to feel insulted. Decided not to be, even if I should.

A few days later, at church we were setting up in a different room from the usual and I couldn't get the keyboard to switch on. We swapped plug outlets. We moved the entire setup to an extension plugged into the outlet across the room. I jiggled the cord every which way, because the contact even on the best of days is very poor. But none of it worked and now I was getting absolutely nothing, not even a blink from the display.

And then I popped around behind the keyboard and discovered I had plugged the adaptor in to the pedal jack.

Maybe my voice knows something I don't.

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