Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Jilly Pepper at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, April 2007

Sometimes, this is how I feel.

I know I'm waiting.

It's a longer wait than I'd prefer.

I'm going home.


But first, there's that suffocating plane ride with the bad food, difficult people and backache-inducing chairs.

Life. I'm on my way home, but sometimes it seems I'll be stuck in the waiting lounge forever. Waiting to do those bigger things I've been promised. Not wanting to dwell on past enjoyments and achievements, and continually looking ahead to the bounty that I know awaits me there.

And in the meantime, trying to make the most of the fact that this is where I am for now.

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Maggie said...

My have Jilly Pepper, I have Pesky Capsicum...she is lime green with shocking pink ears. I sought the WHOLE of BKK Intl' airport to find her..and there she was...waiting as your Jilly Pepper was, on a row of shelf full of her kind...but she stood out with her cute stout snout and slightly aschewed weight displacement. =)

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