Friday, June 08, 2007

You make my heart go...

Love, you make me dance
I may look like a fool
But with you, I'm a king

Love, you make me sing
I may sound like a toad
But with you, I'm on wing

Love, you make me laugh
And love, you make me cry
Because you make me live.

This is especially for Keon and Khai Veun. I am SO HAPPY for you, my dear cousin and future cousin-in-law! I'm enjoying every moment I get to share your journey with you. Love you both!

Oh. Just for the record, both Bu Keon and Khai Veun can sing and dance well. The poem is for you two, it's not meant to be by you two. Thought I should clear that up before I'm accused of defaming you on my blog.

Image from Stock.Xchnge

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