Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Trivial Questions: The Papaya Bag

During my after-lunch papaya slice one day, this thought came to me.

"Why are papaya slices normally wrapped in those pinkish transparent plastic sleeves?"

Their coloured baggies never come in another size, another shape, another colour. They're always elongated rectangles in a pinkish-to-orangey sort of red. I think they're part of an odious plan to palm off underripe papaya slices to unsuspecting customers who don't realise the rosy hue comes from the wrapper, not the contents.

If it is indeed just a sales tactic, then why stop at papaya? Why haven't I seen honeydew melon slices being sold in pale lime green bags, or watermelon in bright red or yellow ones? Does the trick only work on papaya? Did the manufacturers lose interest after stopping at the pink bags? When you buy your first shipment of papaya wholesale to start a sliced fruit business, do they also advise you to get the right accessories to move stock along faster?

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