Friday, September 16, 2011

25: Rest

I feel for Rest, I really do.

Despite its venerable old age, right up there with existence itself, it's given only the most suspicious of welcomes in most of today's societies.

It's underrated, especially when you compare it with the response given to its siblings Activity and Achievement.

It's misrepresented as a luxury, so that instead of letting it fill the space it was meant to have in our lives we sigh, "If only I had the time!" (Although we Malaysians are more likely to phrase it something like: WHERE GOT TIME LAH! The block capitals are optional, but you catch my drift.)

It's supplanted by counterfeits like the Educational Holiday, the Productive Weekend and the Power Nap. I mean, really? Why can't we just let rest be rest without adding an energetic adjective to it?

It's a genuine physiological need that we often can't seem to distinguish from Laziness. I've found a simple way to tell the difference: Rest leaves you wanting to go back to work. (Unless you hate your work in which case, my friend, perhaps we should have a talk.) Laziness... well, you put it together.

So on the eve of the weekend as most of the world observes it, here's to you, Rest. May you be enjoyed as you were meant to be enjoyed, in all the right ways and all the right dozes (I'm not above puns. Cue self-satisfied little chuckle.) to refresh us for the good and satisfying work that awaits.

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