Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy mail time

I wouldn't say the past week has been all horrid, but the cough that has filled a lot of it most certainly is.

One thing that perked up my Friday was opening the mailbox and seeing this padded envelope

containing these

hand-carved stamps in a matchbox! They were a blog giveaway from Riyo, whose stall at the Glebe markets was one of my favourites back when she lived in Sydney. I was so excited when I heard I'd won the giveaway because her stamps have been on my wish list for years. I inked them up to see what fun I could get up to with them, but didn't get further than a bunny with a moustache mullet and a bowler-hatted kitty before the cough-induced fatigue took over.

Can't wait till I'm better, when my stamps can come out to play for longer and when life will consist of more than coughing and surviving on warm liquids. But I didn't want to wait till I'm better to say this thank-you to Riyo for the uplifting gift.

(The giveaway had no strings attached; I have a distaste for those so-called giveaways that require you to tell all your Facebook friends about some website or spam your contacts with coupons they don't want. Linking to Riyo's blog -- which will take you to her Etsy shop, if you're interested -- was solely my choice, because I appreciate her work and am happy to promote it.)

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