Friday, August 01, 2008

TGIF and other stories

Yes, thank you, God, that it's Friday and I can spend today filing my lessons, doing my readings like a good postgrad student, and watching a free movie.

Also, thank you, God, for Gore-tex,

for jackets made out of this beautiful textile,

and for the lovely people who gave me one of them,

so that when I absent-mindedly threw it into the wash one day and forgot that my mobile phone, house keys including electronic front door pass, and a friend's thumb drive were in its pockets, all of these items remained safely dry;

for that is how I found them after I had jumped up with a shriek halfway through the wash, run to the laundry room as fast as size 7 feet in treadless fluffy house slippers could take me, stopped the washing machine, and recovered the said items with trembling fingers.

You do take extremely good care of me and the things I have charge of. Thank you.

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