Saturday, May 03, 2008


I suppose when you find yourself in the corridors of a psychiatric hospital, it's good to know the way out. My first psychiatric practicum was interesting, and no more (probably considerably less) than what I might have expected, but I'm sure there will be challenges ahead. I love dance therapy.
Sunset over Hen & Chicken Bay. I've always loved looking at the sky in its various colours (except for the grey it takes on during haze season in southeast Asia or bushfire season in Australia), so these autumn evenings are a treat.

I know it looks as if I'm living it up in Sydney compared with my life in KL, and I am enjoying plenteous good times. But those are the ones I photograph. You won't see pictures on my blog or Facebook about the sleepless nights spent typing up essays, or the irritating housemate with her intrusive questioning and phone calls and insatiable appetite for country music, or the ache in my gut when I miss home and my nephew so much that I can't even cry. Blogs, like any other creative medium, are nice and malleable, and out of them you can construct a happy place where the worst thing that happens in life is that eggplant doesn't sink.

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