Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm just sayin'...

So I know the check mark, or tick, is a pretty effective visual marketing device because it carries positive connotations: approval, competency, credibility. It sure worked for Nike. It's been working for the Heart Foundation for years, and I genuinely appreciate the work the Foundation has done to help people take better care of their bodies.

But you'll have to excuse me. Although I've walked past this pizza bar many times and wondered about its "gourmet pizzas", I don't know about the pizzas from this section of their delivery menu, because they come with names like "Roast Beef Tick Pizza". Which makes me think of a pizza with roast beef and, well, ticks all over it. And, well, yuck. I grew up with pet dogs in a tropical climate, and I can well imagine what that would look like. (Fortunately, I don't share the childhood experience of someone who also knows what that would taste like.)

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