Wednesday, February 06, 2013

In between

In conversation with a close friend on the other side of the country yesterday, I was reminded that transition is rarely -- if ever -- enjoyable. "In between" is somewhere most of us don't want to be, given the choice. By definition, it's not even a place we're willing to acknowledge; it's just where we happen to be until we get there. Wherever "there" is from our current perspective.

Another close friend recently pointed out in an email that "in-between-ness is part of the identity of God's people". How I wish it weren't so; how I wish, as I did when I was a child, that I could simply close my eyes, think of where I wanted to be, and be there.

I'm still too raw to process my current season of transition, but this post from my archives will do for now.

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Merle said...

I wish it were that easy. I have been moving toward there for 27 & a half years and have not yet arrived. The greatest thing about the journey when I look back is that I am delighted that our God did not leave me the way I was. I am learning to love the new me!!

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