Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Identity vs activity

"The struggle in our society is that we don't have an answer for [the] question ['Who am I?'] so we send [our kids] off to college to learn how to do something, thinking that if they learn enough it will satisfy their longing for identity. Identity doesn't come from education but from impartation. We can't educate ourselves into our identities. Proper identity comes from the impartation of our heavenly Father speaking to us through the people He has assigned to give oversight to us.

"You have to be a human being before you are a human doing. When we try to 'do' something without first 'being' someone, we usually find ourselves making a living at a job we hate. Another ramification of this failure to discover true identity is that many people learn to derive their self-esteem from what they do. This may seem fine for a while if they can perform well. When they can't perform anymore, for whatever reason, their self-esteem goes into the pit."

Kris Vallotton, The Supernatural Ways of Royalty

Someone close to me has just begun an exciting "career break" that will hopefully result in a better incorporation of her talent, interests and livelihood.

Several others have been venting to me the strikingly similar frustrations found in their various jobs.

One thing I find we all have in common: we still fall for this one really easily. "What do you do?" is acceptable small talk with someone you've just met.

If I get asked that one more time by another nosey and ill-concerned stranger, "I respire," might just be the answer forthcoming. Sometimes, we're just asking for a Blinding Statement of the Obvious.

When will we learn to value the who over the what and how?

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