Friday, April 30, 2010

April comes to a close

And, for some reason, most of my recent pictures seem to be of food in one form or another.

Green eggs and ham, shared with friends from KL before we all sprinted through the Balmain markets.

Yoghurt soft-serve, unexpectedly smooth and tasty. And so dangerously easy for me to get to.

The duck noodles my cousin had, which so beguiled me that I had to return to the restaurant the next night to have my own.

Work lunch at Pino's ended so nicely with the dessert of the day: frozen chocolate mousse triangle with a minted ricotta centre, served with rhubarb sauce and pistachio shards. So, so, so nicely. So... mmmm... *mind wanders up the road to Pino's... wonder what they're serving today? It's ok to splurge on dessert if you've been bringing an ultra healthy (and ultra cheap) lunch every day right? mmmmmm...*

And finally, the scrumptious stickers Alex sent me last year but I could not bring myself to use until now.

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