Thursday, November 05, 2009

Finished, Part I.

Just like that, the last class is over.

An anticlimactic end to two excessively painful years of attending lectures.

I went grocery shopping right after, and "accidentally" ended up in one of my favourite stationery shops "along the way" to the supermarket. (The car was parked on Level 1, the supermarket's on the ground floor and the stationery shop is on Level 3, but still I insist it was on the way.)

When the salesboy asked how I am today, instead of the usual "Good, thanks", I blurted out, "I just finished my Master's!"

Even though, technically, I won't actually finish until I've handed in those last two papers and completed 70 more clinical hours. I sheepishly added those details.

But still, I got a high-five and a spirited "Mazel tov!"

That'll do for now.

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