Sunday, July 12, 2009

At the moment

I am coughing and wheezing, not very slightly.
I am experiencing pain in my right shoulder, a 20-year-old bother that began with bad posture at the piano. Lesson: Posture is underrated.
I am decidedly not puzzled by a paradox I heard recently, and bewildered by my lack of puzzlement.
I am superlatively happy and thankful for my housemate and good friend's success with the final film project of her Master's in Film and Digital Image.
I am looking forward to finishing my own Master's, in one semester's time.
I am wondering what happens after that, and gratefully aware that there is not a smidgen of fear or trepidation in that wondering, only curiosity... and a healthy amount of adrenaline-fuelled impatience. Probably should work on reducing that last one; one can only function on so much adrenaline.
I am watching a lot of House and various light-hearted films. Thanks to all of that, for my next birthday I would like a panda that is proficient in martial arts and can serve up a mean la mian; failing which, I will gladly take Gene Kelly's tap-dancing talent or the ability to write like the House team. In a pinch, I will be happy with a chorus line of penguins that will also wait tables and sing happy songs.
I am reading the heart- and gut-wrenching childhood memoir of Dave Pelzer.
I am still basking in the warm glow of eating a long-missed childhood favourite dish.
I am renewing my resolve to be a better keyboardist. It might help if I actually practiced and did exercises, instead of tinkling around with Disney theme songs.
I am giving thanks for the many good people I have in proximity. Multiple-sandwich-supplying people; loving, caring, praying people; ginger-tea-brewing housemate types who try to help me get out of a cough before it takes hold.
I am missing the people I love who are miles away from me, a shared late-night roti pisang and Milo ais with plenty of joy-filled chatter on the side.
I am fighting the urge to be a spoilt brat who guzzles the good stuff without a second thought, while complaining loudly of the temporary small annoyances.
I am curious about why it is so difficult to find candied winter melon in Chatswood.
I am questioning the wisdom and rationale behind pet ownership during life's transitory stages.
I am contemplating giving myself an extension to Wednesday to try my grandmother's sweet potato cake recipe. It's those elusive candied winter melons that are standing in my way, bless their hearts. Gah.
I am very slowly writing an article about an amazing woman who brings new meaning to the word "living".
I am blogging when I should really be in bed.

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