Sunday, May 17, 2009

What moves me

Two videos found over the past two days, a very sedentary weekend of not even being able to shimmy along to the Bollywood-meets-Austen extravaganza Bride and Prejudice, in order to give bruised head a rest.

Saturday: Interlude Dance Troupe's lyrical dance to Superchick's 'Beauty From Pain' at 2007's Kidz Take Kontrol. It's things like this that remind me: when words fail us, we still have dance.

Sunday: The arrangement sounds good and I liked the originals of both songs, but what gets me every time I watch this clip is the joy each of them finds in their music; once again, something beyond words. I miss that feeling. Thank you Miss C, teacher who succeeded in grooming me from unwilling ABRSM exam candidate into lifelong piano lover, for sending me this link.

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