Friday, May 18, 2007


Selected pictures from three days in Bangkok:
I was unexpectedly allocated a room with two twin beds, instead of one king. It worked out well, because my travelling companion has been known to hog the covers.
She bagged the bed on the left as soon as we got in. Pushy, pushy.One of the walls in the hotel coffee house was decorated with assorted cooking utensils. I'm constantly fascinated by how a little creativity can turn an everyday object into a work of art.
Went for a walkabout in Siam Square after lunch. There was this queue of people from the record shop on the corner, where an unassuming-looking guy was signing CD covers, all the way to the other end of the road. I wonder if there'll ever be anyone or anything I'm willing to queue like that for.
I met the lovely Orn and her friend Tong for dinner, after which they took me for sorbet at Iberry. The sorbet was delicious, and the warmly lit interior with all that wrought iron furniture and white china made it all the sweeter. They've probably tried to dress up their ice-cream parlour to look like an old-fashioned dining room. I wouldn't mind having a dining room that looks like this ice-cream parlour!
From the Skytrain station, I had to walk through this corridor of the hotel to get back to my room. It's a long corridor with marble floors and I loved how it suddenly turns a corner instead of just going straight down. I know, it's "just a corridor". But can't you imagine a tall, striking lady running down those steps in a ballgown with her hair streaming behind her, racing to beat the clock and get home before her coachmen turn to mice?
Got back to my room and found that my comforter had been turned down and dressed with an orchid (for beautiful dreams?) and a bookmark (in case the dreams didn't happen).
The view from my breakfast table on the riverside terrace the next morning.
Viewing presentations must be hungry work.
Breakfast the following day was a simple, one-pass-at-the-buffet-table affair for me. I think I must have made some appetising choices, because...... the spread even attracted some local wildlife.
Heh no, it's not a stampede. I spotted Jilly Pepper's long-lost herd at the Jim Thompson boutique in the airport. Love the colours!

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