Monday, April 23, 2007


On a day when the sky seems more teal than azure, what keeps me alive?

I came home a little under the weather, and am still feeling lethargic and out of sorts. Plus, a few not-too-peachy things have happened and it all leaves me a few notches short of "chirpy".

Still, I will remember that:
  1. I'm not the only person in the world
  2. Plenty of other people are going through much worse
  3. I've been through worse, and survived
  4. A lot of the things I'm tempted to worry about are beyond my control
  5. A month from now, most of these things won't matter. A year from now, all of these things won't matter.
  6. I'm not alone
  7. I'll always have chocolate. (Or I would always have chocolate, if only I weren't fasting from it.)

1 comment:

fai said...

ahhh.... Chocolates, is there anything that they can't do.... = )

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