Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thoughts, statements and observations (randomness alert)

  1. No, I will not observe a Halloween dress-up code at work, even just for fun.
  2. There is a family of mice living in my office photocopier-printer-scanner.
  3. For some reason, the theme song from the 1980s Cantonese slapstick comedy Teppanyaki floated into my head early this morning and it just won't leave.
  4. I need more sleep so my head will stop pounding.
  5. Cats are adorable but not when they sing to each other outside my bedroom window at 4am.
  6. Mouldy bread that has no appearance of mould on the surface, only on the inside once you've bitten it, is not part of the ideal Morning Experience.
  7. I need more sleep so I don't snore at work and make my colleagues think the mice have morphed into Gremlins.
  8. I am banned from entering any stationery shop with more than RM5 in my wallet.
  9. I wish I could transplant the mice from the office photocopier to outside my bedroom window at home. They could then get the attention of the singing cats and lead them, in an authoritative and stylish manner they learnt from the Pied Piper, far, far away from my home.
  10. You can't have your cake and eat it too. But you can get a cookie after the cake.
  11. I need more sleep because the deficit is affecting my memory and I keep repeating myself because I can't remember what I've already said.

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