Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tap, here I come (back)!

Before you think I've become passionate about plumbing, think again.

I would like to solemnly announce that...

... I'm dancing again!

Or at least, will be soon. Since coming back from Australia, I haven't danced a step. No Latin. No tap. Not even ballet or poofy contemporary. Boo-hoo. I miss movin' and groovin'.

The timing of this class I've finally found is amazing... and the venue... it must be Providence. Really. It's always been so hard to find a class that's on when I'm not working; not in church; not writing; not sleeping... you get my drift. And it's even cheaper than the other schools where the timing didn't match (and parking cost a bomb).

Ah probably nobody who reads this post will really get what I'm talking about. But I'm happy, so smile with me, huh?

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