Friday, February 17, 2006

Sunny Surprises

Today was my first day back at work after 3 days on sick leave.

Barely had I started up my PC when my mobile rang. The caller was from some courier service and he wanted to verify my office address before delivering something to me.

Not-very-clued-in-me thought: "Did I arrange for some doctor to send me a CD-ROM containing his presentation on bed-wetting, then forget all about it?" ... followed by, if I were a cartoon character, one of those symbols that looks like a little dust bunny. You know, all black and woolly and thick; the universal symbol for "where has my brain gone, and who do I pay to get it back?"

Then my phone rang again. This conversation was much more entertaining, although it confirmed again that I am hopeless at Malay.

I won't bore you with the details, but any conversation with the sentence, "Kamu ada nampak Kafe Leo tak? Atas ada singa punya... bukan, Leo... Leo... ya, kepala singa. Bukan, atas ada kepala singa punya..." is quite worth noting.

For the benefit of my non-BM-speaking readers, the translation of that is, "Do you see Leo Café? There's a lion on top... no, Leo... Leo... yes, a lion's head. No, there is a lion's head on top."

Talk about surreal.

After a few more phone exchanges, I realised that although Mr Bedwetting CD Delivery Man or whoever he was might be no more than 100 metres away from the office, but he would never get there because we Don't Have a Signboard.

I went out on ground level and found that...

He was delivering a bouquet of flowers from Kenny!

What a nice surprise. Bright, shiny, happy sunflowers surrounded by these berry-looking things (I'm a bookworm, not a botanist) and tied with cheery yellow ribbon and jute fibre.

It has taken me several tries over 12 hours to get this picture uploaded. If not for the cheery, uplifting presence of the sunnies, I might have drowned the router by now.

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Sherin Almashor said...

such pretty flowers for a sweet girl like u. It's me Sherin.. Nice blog..check out mine at care

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