Monday, January 30, 2006

Random words, random pictures

I haven't had much time lately to do typically Ren things, namely write, blog, take random pictures, sort them into painfully organised folders, etc, etc.

But hooray! It's a brand new year, just two days old (I love being Chinese) and a public holiday to boot. It is Monday, I'm sitting in front of my notebook and unlike the occasions when it's because I'm too dizzy to drive to work, I'm free to write about something that isn't related to nappies or delayed speech, and I don't have to keep checking my e-mail every 5 minutes to make sure I haven't missed anything important.

So what shall I do now with all this beautiful time before me? I'm due to go out later this afternoon with my siblings from my 'other' family.

Since I've just taken the past hour beaming photos from my PDA to my PC, one by one because without a memory card there's no way to mass-copy them, I shall stick some here. The latter part of 2005, through the lens of my little .31megapixel PDA camera.

First of all, phonedoggy and his owner wish all readers a happy and fulfilled Year of the Dog!

Hmm, he looks optimistic as he peeks out at the year to come... looks like it's full of hard work, lots of laughter, good times with family, friends and furries, some struggles, some tears, but overall, I'm sure it's going to be good.

What next? Why, it's a mooncake. This mooncake spent a while on the Endangered Foods list. The danger ended around late August 2005. (It was a very tasty ending.)

Wise man say: When hats too heavy for head, hang on wall instead.

Fine, I have no idea what the meaning of that is supposed to be, but they do look pretty glowing on the wall that way.

My beautiful birthday flowers... (I did say I haven't had time to organise my photos for a while now!)

And my beautiful birthday... uh... non-cake.

Dreams are sweet when they're taken on cow-printed sheets.

Kitty and his friends from Bremen have stuck together all the way to their new home in Petaling Jaya. What a cute celebration of differences.

Time to move on to other pressing matters now, like getting ready to go out. More randomness tomorrow, I hope.

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